Week 11: Fill the Frame

Week 11 of the 52-week photography challenge. Composition:  Fill the Frame “Using Fill the Frame is a great way to isolate your subject and create interest in your photo. Can you do it with only one color in the frame? Fill the Frame with one color.” This is the color all around our place right…

Week 2: Composition “Rule of Thirds: Motion”

This past weekend we received a nice blanket of snow.  Everything was quiet and still covered in this cold yet beautiful layer.  For this week’s challenge we were asked to show motion using the rule of thirds. Besides some small birds flitting about this small creek was about the only thing in motion.  It was…

Our Cabin: A 30-Day Comparison

What a difference 30 days can make.  The photo on the left was taken early November.  The one on the right was taken today.   Just yesterday temperatures climbed to 60 F.  Today, snow and colder temperatures.  Welcome to Indiana.  Personally, I miss the beautiful fall colors but I have come to terms with “winter is…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

With a blanket of snow covering the forest ground and most of this creek, silence enveloped my winter hike. It’s amazing how quiet the forest becomes when covered with snow.  The silence is refreshing.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – A view from the side

In response to Cee’s fun foto challenge: A side view of the list of names from the Vietnam & Korean War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. A side view of a fence in the winter makes for an interesting photograph.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Inner & Outer

Here is my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge “Inner & Outer” Inside our warm cabin “Inner” Outside, winter’s cold & beauty “Outer” Combining the two, an inner view of the outer world.  

Amy’s monthly recap & 2017 blogging schedule

And January is gone, just like that!  My goal for January, come up with a blogging schedule for 2017.  Mission accomplished, after some debating and researching. For the remaining 11 months of this year, I intend to blog twice weekly.  Notice the word intend.  This means some weeks I’ll blog twice, some once and some…

The Changing Seasons – February

This monthly challenge has really inspired me to get out and take more photographs.  With an abundance of subject matter to photograph and a challenge to motivate me, my Nikon has been venturing out more.  In the past, I would often leave my camera behind, but now I find myself reaching for it.  “I have…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

Our boxer, Josie, enjoying the fresh snowfall. Within the same week, we had an unseasonably warm day.  With temperatures nearing 70° F (21° C), I had to break out the sandals. How I love Indiana, where you may have snow one day and sunny warm weather the next.  This is the case right now.  Today…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

A beautiful summer day spent exploring the streets of Quebec City, Canada.  I look forward to shorts, sandals and vibrant summer colors. Beautiful, lush, green moss in the winter.   Vibrant colors are scarce come winter time, but they can be found.