Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

When I think of the earth, blues & greens come to mind.  This beautiful summer day on Lake Superior captures what I envision for our earth.   Crystal clear water, undeveloped land, clean air and a place to relax with few others around.  A forest full of wildlife and humans living in harmony with all…

Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

I doubt this photo needs an explanation as to my state of mind.  What a fantastic day spent on the shore of Lake Superior.  I can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the cool water washing over my bare toes.

Weekly Photo Challenge- Inspiration

This particular photo, taken at Yosemite National Park last summer, encompasses my inspirations all in one photo. I have always been inspired by water (rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, waterfalls), mountains, and remote natural places. Shane and I spent a few hours here.  This spot was devoid of people and we loved every peaceful moment.

Travel Thursday – Artist Point, Washington State

While visiting Washington State last summer, we had the opportunity to visit friends of mine I had not seen in fourteen years.  Within minutes it was like we had never been apart.  We had such a great time we ended up staying an additional day.  So glad we did.  Our friend took the day off…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

The sound of water flowing over rocks in a peaceful forest is one of the most calming sounds nature has to offer.  Anytime we are out for a long hike I listen for the sound of water for our lunch break.  I could literally sit for hours near a flowing creek, waterfall or even a…