Our Cabin: A 30-Day Comparison

What a difference 30 days can make.  The photo on the left was taken early November.  The one on the right was taken today.   Just yesterday temperatures climbed to 60 F.  Today, snow and colder temperatures.  Welcome to Indiana.  Personally, I miss the beautiful fall colors but I have come to terms with “winter is…

A Lovely Walk in a Fall Forest

With my Nikon in tow, I took a stroll through our woods last Monday.  I am glad I did.  The fall foliage was at its best.  This beautiful fall day was followed by several rainy days in a row.  Leaving many of our trees with fewer leaves. Click on any photo above to view a…

Raindrops Everywhere

We have had a lot of rain lately, making raindrops the perfect subject matter for this week’s photos.

Shapes of Nature

Without the Weekly Photo Challenge, I devised my own. Shapes of Nature

October Recap

October, a month of warm weather turned cold quickly.  The beginning of the month I was in shorts and now it’s fire time! I do love the fall and the beautiful colors of the forest. A delicious plate of fruit goodness, part of our weekly Sunday brunch! Additional touches for The Shanty, solar lights and…