My shadow while taking a picture of my shadow on the beach at Lake Superior.  

Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

When I think of the earth, blues & greens come to mind.  This beautiful summer day on Lake Superior captures what I envision for our earth.   Crystal clear water, undeveloped land, clean air and a place to relax with few others around.  A forest full of wildlife and humans living in harmony with all…

Weekly Photo Challenge – State of Mind

I doubt this photo needs an explanation as to my state of mind.  What a fantastic day spent on the shore of Lake Superior.  I can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the cool water washing over my bare toes.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

Perched atop this rock, overlooking Lake Superior at Agawa Bay campground in Canada, this is my happy place. Although it is not close to my home, two years in a row we visited Lake Superior Provincial Park.  Both years I spent some quality time on top of this rock, contemplating life and enjoying wide open…

Weekly Photo Challenge “Rule of Thirds”

Once I discovered the rule of thirds, I found myself introducing it into many of my shots.  The rule of thirds can transform a boring photo into something special.  Although I had many photos to choose from I loved this one because the flowers found a way to grow among the rocks of Lake Superior….

Weekly Photo Challenge “Shadowed”

Sunset on Lake Superior casts a shadow upon two canoers, creating a bit of mystery for the onlooker. The moon creates shadows of intrigue on the trees surrounding our campsite on Lake Superior.