Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge “Harvest – Earth”

In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge “Harvest – Earth”: Soybeans nearing their harvest date. A gravel farm road running through one field that has been harvested and another that is ready.       Advertisements

Travel Thursday – Washington Township Park Avon, IN

As the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us in the US, I would like to share a local place for Travel Thursday.  Typically we are headed to Michigan to enjoy Turkey Day with Shane’s awesome family.  However, this year we have decided to stay local & enjoy the holiday in our cabin in the woods.  Just…

Travel Thursday – Pine Hill Nature Preserve

Pine Hills Nature Preserve is located about an hour and fifteen minutes west of downtown Indianapolis, IN.  Some say it could be Indiana’s best-kept secret.  Now that the entrance is located within Shades State Park that may not last.  We heard about it from a friend several years ago.  I have visited in both the…

Weekly Photo Challenge -Time

This clock in Fountain Square, Indiana represents time in a few ways.  First, it’s a clock, a way to keep track of time numerically. Second, I re-edited the image after four years in my archive (love looking at old images with a new perspective).  Last, it shows the passage of time over the years.  The…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

Wind power, a symbol for alternative energy. In Benton County, near Lafayette, Indiana, 100’s of wind turbines greet drivers as they pass by.